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Welcome to the all-new Forums!
Diesel Power Forum guidelines and information
12/19/14 04:34 PM
Posted: Ford or Dodge?
By: idahobuckaroo
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New Products
Post and Browse new Diesel Truck and Car Products here
12/18/14 07:37 AM
Posted: WTS: DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ - 2000usd
By: shopfast57
113 243
Duramax vs. Powerstroke vs. Cummins
The classic Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge battle continues...
11/29/14 06:55 AM
Posted: 7.3 powerstroke vs 5.9 cummins
By: simple0718
253 6550
Buy, Sell, Trade, Want Ads, Do it all here!
11/29/14 05:37 AM
Posted: 5.9 cummings
By: Cory Mahlum
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Diesel Enthusiast Activism
The forum for taking action in defense of the diesel enthusiast culture.
08/20/14 03:39 PM
Posted: Jeep CRD 3.8 L Atlanta
By: Gypsyjon
56 288
What Can You Diesel?
What have you converted or seen converted to diesel, or built to be a diesel? Lawnmower? Motorcycle? Tell us here!
05/18/14 06:39 PM
Posted: diesel swap for 1982 dodge ram 150
By: MarineOne
142 635
DP Reader's Rides Online!
Come check out Diesel Power's newest community feature. Share photos of your truck with other oilheads.
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In the Magazine
Discussions related to articles and stories in the magazine
11/26/14 12:21 AM
Posted: Anymore Doomsday???
By: anosh
144 471
The Oil Well
General discussion not necessarily automotive related
11/23/14 05:08 AM
Posted: General Diesel Tech Question
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Diesel Truck Engines

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GM 6.2/6.5
Section dedicated specifically to the GM 6.2 and 6.5-liter diesels (pre-Duramax)
Yesterday 11:41 PM
Posted: Hummer project = Chevy + Ford parts
By: H250
379 1717
Ford 6.9/7.3 IDI
Section dedicated specifically to pre-Power Stroke Ford diesels
12/04/14 04:34 PM
Posted: Hissing sound HELP ME PLEASE
By: thereverend
526 2217
Section dedicated specifically to Chevy/GMC diesel truck enthusiasts
651 4184
Power Stroke
Section dedicated specifically to Ford diesel truck enthusiasts
11/27/14 09:31 PM
Posted: 1993 7.3
By: Tom Thompson49
1722 9940
Section dedicated specifically to Dodge diesel truck enthusiasts
12/19/14 02:31 PM
Posted: My New Ride
By: idahobuckaroo
3017 18409
Heavy Iron
Section dedicated to trucks/engines over 8,600 GVW (medium/heavy-duty)
11/03/14 07:27 AM
Posted: NHC250 Inj Pump leak
By: randygk349
91 380

Car Talk

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BMW Diesels
Discussion about BMW's current and upcoming diesel models
02/01/14 07:51 AM
Posted: BMW E39 TOURING m57d30 garrett gt2256v 184HK
10 80
Diesel Novelties & Oddities
Tractors, motorcycles, power equipment, generators and other assorted diesel machines
10/08/13 07:25 PM
Posted: Diesel Cruiser Bike
By: idahobuckaroo
12 73
Honda Diesels
Discussion about current and upcoming Honda Diesel models
10/08/13 07:18 PM
Posted: when are honda diesels coming?
By: idahobuckaroo
9 74
Discussion about current and future Chrysler diesel models
09/03/12 01:26 PM
Posted: 3.0 CRD Grand Cherokee
By: 5toMidnight
21 99
Discussion about current and future Audi Diesel models
07/06/11 03:07 AM
Posted: 6.0 V-12 in Q7 - 500 hp/738 lbs./ft.
By: Stygimoloch
5 28
Subaru Diesels
Discussion on Subaru's new boxer diesel engine cars
4 22
Discussion about diesel-powered VW cars
06/15/14 08:40 AM
Posted: Charging issue
By: kproctor
74 361
Discussion about diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz cars
11/01/14 01:32 AM
Posted: mercedes diesel power?
32 172
Discussion about diesel-powered GM cars
02/24/14 07:22 PM
Posted: Oldsmobile Diesel Discussion
By: MarineOne
12 77
European Cars
Discussion on diesel models sold outside the U.S. & Canada
10 28

Shows & Events

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Diesel Truck Clubs
Post your info about meeting times, eligibility, etc. here.
21 139
Upcoming Events
Section for enthusiasts to post information about upcoming shows & events
73 182
Show Talk
Section for enthusiasts to post reviews & opinions on shows they've attended
7 28

New & Future Trucks

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Diesel Rumblings
Rumors and speculation about future new vehicle models
27 150
Wish List
For enthusiasts to post their "dream diesel" specs for the OEMs to build
08/16/11 06:10 PM
Posted: tires
By: JLHcummins
15 118

Classic Diesel Trucks & Cars

Last Post Topics Posts
Restoring & Customizing
Tips and advice on restoring and customizing classic diesel cars and trucks
39 133
Diesel Truck Parts
Information on how/where to find difficult to find and rare diesel parts
11/23/14 04:45 AM
Posted: 24 valve issue
11 14

Tech & Maintenance

Last Post Topics Posts
Tech General Discussion
General discussion on diesel technical issues
12/12/14 04:36 PM
Posted: 1999 dodge diesel
By: cjent01
128 347
Professional Diesel Techs
Forum for troubleshooting, horror stories, and other tales from the diesel service bay
11/01/14 01:34 AM
Posted: Sterling / Vactor Vacuum Truck
127 381
Electronic Tuning/Programming
Tech forum for tips and advice on electronic diesel tuners and modules
10/02/14 06:42 AM
Posted: 2008 6.4 exhaust and programmer
By: Ryan Meyer
32 94
Economy Stories/Tips
Tips for maximizing fuel economy
05/19/14 10:08 AM
Posted: First time driving Diesel.
By: Rose of the Road
51 529
High Mileage Diesels
Discussion & Advice about high-mileage diesel vehicles
04/02/14 05:12 PM
Posted: Pure flow air dog pump
By: Tim France
4 91
Towing & Hauling
Tech forum for tips and advice on Towing & Hauling
02/15/14 08:32 AM
Posted: Ford or Dodge?
By: cc4jp
53 227
Biodiesel/Alternative Fuels
Discussion area for biodiesel and other alternative fuels
59 391
How to Make Smoke
The place to go to ask and give advice on how to make lots of black, sooty smoke.
04/21/13 12:24 PM
Posted: Turning my stock cummins into a beast
By: belasmith
40 508
Diesel Emissions Systems
Technical discussion on diesel emissions system, including SCR, particulate traps, and catalytic converters
9 49
Diesel Fuel System
Forum for questions & advice on diesel fuel system tuning & troubleshooting
09/22/14 06:17 PM
Posted: 2006 f250 6.0L smoking white..not egr
By: MarineOne
90 300
Technical forum for questions & advice on turbo tuning, maintenance & repair
11/23/14 04:58 AM
Posted: Turbo lag fix?
54 188
Propane & Nitrous
Technical forum for questions & advice on using propane & nitrous in diesels
09/21/14 09:17 PM
Posted: Best Propane Injection System?
By: naume76
15 105
Transmission & Driveline
Technical forum for questions & advice on transmission & driveline-related subjects
12/12/14 09:01 AM
Posted: Dodge trans help please...
By: MarineOne
162 813
Diesel Engine Swaps
Technical forum for questions & advice on doing diesel engine swaps
11/23/14 04:55 AM
Posted: Why swap from gas to diesel?
180 839
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