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Synthetic Oil -Vs- regular oil

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Synthetic Oil -Vs- regular oil

Travbo Travbo
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/22/06
12:29 AM

I have 11,000 miles on my 2006 Durmax and I;m seriously thinking of switching to the synthetic (Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40).
Any comments greatly appreciated  

aixadmin aixadmin
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/22/06
12:40 PM

I have used Royal Purple 15-40W since 15,000 and I curretnly have 102,900. I love it!

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Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Administrator | Posts: 2112 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/24/06
02:27 AM

Many vehicles are coming from the factory with synthetic, so I think the old logic of "breaking in" an engine with conventional before switching to synthetic may no longer apply. That said, especially with diesels, it's important to use an oil specifically formulated for diesels, as the properties and operating conditions of a diesel are much different than a gas engine. Royal Purple is very popular. I've also heard of a lot of guys who like Shell Rotella. Anyone had experiences with that oil?  

1st-synth 1st-synth
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 07/26/06
10:14 PM

Look into AMSOIL before you do any switching, they were the 1st to be API rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil and the 1st to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines,racing engines and marine engines. There oil is made in the USA,the company started in 1972, Mobil 1 came out a couple of years later.  

dieselhuffer dieselhuffer
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/06/06
08:32 PM

AMSOIL! it may cost a little more, but you get what you pay for. Another cool thing about amsoil is the oil analysis...take a sample of you oil every 7-10K, send it to amsoil and they will send you an oil analysis data sheet showing you current viscosity, thermal breakdown, and expected life. I have changed my oil in 31K...only a new filter every 5 and a little fresh oil to make up for whats lost. look into Torq drive synthetic ATF will need at least 20 qts. for a full flush,its made by amsoil for the allison trans- dropped my temps at least 20 degrees...helped with fuel mileage and shifting. And whatever is left over you can chang your transfer case too. you can buy it by the 3 gallon jug for around 90 bucks each, i bought 3 and still have about 1/2 a jug left  

Huck BB62 Huck BB62
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/21/06
11:59 PM

I'm using Royal Purple also.  I have it in several pieces of equipment in our power plant (I'm a certified lube oil guru)  I've seen lower operating temperatures and longer run times out of the equipment.  

duramark duramark
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 10/06
Posted: 10/29/06
08:56 PM

The best analogy that sums up the difference between dinosaur oil and man-made is at the molecular level. Consider both synthetic and fossil oil molecules as round marbles. Fossil formed molecules are not perfect, meaning they come naturally in varying sizes. Using marbles again as an explanation, some are “boulders” medium size and some are “pee-wee’s,” all are round and very slippery. Synthetic molecules, being man-made, are all exactly the same size, which means no one molecule carries more of the load than the next. This is why “oil shear” is greatly reduced with synthetic. Another analogy would be the difference between an asphalt road verses a cement road, both are smooth but one is more uniform. Heat is also a major cause of oil degradation. Here again synthetic far exceeds fossil in thermal-breakdown.  

sularr sularr
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/02/06
09:55 PM

Go with the AMSOIL it's the best--change all your oils...Smile Smile Smile  

tireman43 tireman43
User | Posts: 109 | Joined: 09/06
Posted: 11/03/06
11:54 AM

I've researched a bunch and Amsoil is the way to go. It's the first and the best and true synthetic.   Grin  Smile  
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Big Tom Big Tom
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 11/05/06
08:57 AM

I own a ranch in Terxs. I started using Amsoil in 1987. My 1986 F350 has 450,000 and never into engine, trans. or rearend. No bearing losses on ANY equipment and no oil consumption problems. It is the best!  

gallup gallup
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 12/06
Posted: 12/18/06
08:05 AM

Seems that most like synth oil, I also have had good luck with it in the past. Never used in a diesel, but considering it. I do believe in a break in period prior to changing to synth oil. Usually recommended by oil vendors and eng manuf. too. What is standard Mileage estimate for modern diesel on break in? Depends on use I believe, such as how much towing/hauling is done in that initial 15k miles. If not enough work is done might be better to wait until around 25K miles?  

automgt automgt
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/07
Posted: 07/23/07
12:43 PM

For the Duramax Diesel, AMSOIL engineers and manufactures a fuel efficient 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil and a 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil that when used in conjunction with the AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency EaO-52 Oil Filter will allow you to travel 25,000 miles/1-year between filter changes and 25,000 miles/1-year between oil changes. If you use oil analysis you can usually go longer than 25,000 miles/1-year but that must be documented with oil analysis test results. Other AMSOIL benefits include reduced sludge and deposit formation, extreme temperature protection, improved fuel efficiency and rust and corrosion prevention and it does not void any new vehicle warranty. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants meet and exceed all API rated and GM specifications  additional information @  

bluetech151 bluetech151
Guru | Posts: 1304 | Joined: 06/07
Posted: 07/26/07
06:02 PM

what is the price per gallon on the AMSOIL?
just wondering see as the 7.3 sucks down 15 qts. which is 3 3/4 gallons of oil  
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bluetech151 bluetech151
Guru | Posts: 1304 | Joined: 06/07
Posted: 07/26/07
06:30 PM

oh yeah I run nothing but Mobil 1 in my scag lawn mower it is a turf tiger 61" 27hp 750cc(yes it is 750cc I know the HP is low but these engines are rated at and tuned at 3200 RPMs I really want to change it to a V-twin 21hp tusheme diesel put stronger head bolt studs hone the injectors raise fuel pressure and top it off with twin turbos be making around 40 to 50HP) but any way I put GTX in the motor for an oil change one time when I switched back to the mobil I noticed my engine made more power with the mobil than the GTX(the whole machine runs mobil oil motor,hydros,gear boxes,and grease for the other bearings)the machine is 6 years old 2200 plus hours on it  
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