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Duramax injector problem class action suit.

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Duramax injector problem class action suit.

hoppflyer hoppflyer
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 05/07/08
12:17 PM

Is anyone else ready to bring a class action suit against GM for their handeliing of this problem?  If anyone knows of an active suit, please let me know.  If not and you want to be involved, send me your info.
I own a 2003 Chevrolet with a Duramax that I cannot buy new parts (injectors) for and it is under warrantty.  I've had it with GM.  

gunman41mag gunman41mag
Guru | Posts: 1182 | Joined: 01/08
Posted: 05/07/08
06:04 PM

HI hoppflyer, YOU SHOULD READ THIS!!!!I'm sure you can understand the adversarial nature of my letter. I didn't want to start out on a bad note while trying to solve this problem, but I have been given the run-a-round for several months. Customer service has refused to let me speak to anyone who can do something about my problem. I ask for the zone manager and customer service tells me I need to speak with the dealer. I call the dealer and they say I have to get the zone manger info from customer service. The entire ordeal has been very frustrating. Make no mistake, I would much rather be Chevy's best friend than their enemy. We live in our RV full time and need a reliable truck to tow it with. Our truck is our lifeline to making a living.

In May 2001 I bought a new Silverado Duramax to tow my 5th wheel. I had heard and read that the truck was the best on the market. For the first year and eight months it ran great. I'm sure I sold plenty of Duramax's for you during that time. People would come up to me at my shows and ask me how I liked my truck. I would tell them it ran great, had plenty of towing power, and never overheated. I was your best spokesperson.

The first problem I really had was at 50,000 miles. There was a short in the solenoid and the starter had to be replaced for $800.00. At 58,000 miles we began having "service engine soon" light problems and would lose power on the highway. That and other problems were taken care of. We expect some minor repairs as we travel.

At 98,000 miles the truck started running rough with black smoke visible when towing up hill. I took it in to a dealer in California. They found out that the fuel injectors needed to be replaced. At that point they found diesel fuel in the engine oil. All eight injectors were replaced under warranty. The repairs cost us nothing but we were forced to park our RV and do our show tour by rental car. That also meant staying in motels and dining out every meal. That was what we bought the RV to avoid. The cost of motels, car rental, and meals for three weeks was several thousand dollars.

At 135,842 miles the "service engine soon/water in fuel" light began coming on again. They found a short to ground in the circuit between PCM and sensor and repaired it for $535.00. In March of this year, at about 144,000 miles, the U-joint went bad and had to be replaced for about $400.00. That repair is not surprising considering the driving and towing we do.

Later that month the "low coolant" light began to come on. Since we were having problems with the electrical system I assumed this was just another short. I checked and it was low. I replaced about a gallon of coolant as we drove from California to Michigan. I was also noticing that the truck was not starting as quickly as it once had. It was a delayed or hard start. At one point I noticed white smoke coming from the tailpipe. I took the truck to a dealer in the area and a few days later I was called with bad news.

The service man actually apologized before he told me that the coolant had leaked into the injectors and then into the engine and the heads may be cracked. He explained it would cost between $5,000.00 and $8,000.00 dollars to repair, depending on if the fuel injectors would have to be replaced (again). They ran some tests on the heads and found they were cracked and needed to be replaced. Once more we had to rent a car for 16 days and continue with our show tour staying in motels and eating in restaurants. The dealer paid for nine days of the rental car but the breakdown cost us several thousands dollars (again).

I did some homework and found a Chevy bulletin. In its headline it contained everything we had just experienced, the service engine soon light, low power, hard start, fuel in Crankcase, (suggested replace all injectors). Other trucks must have been having the same problem for a bulletin like that to be out there. I also went to several chat lines on the internet and found people were talking about injector and leaking sleeve problems. Including the return seal or valve giving out and letting fuel into the crankcase.

While the truck was still in the shop I called Chevy Customer Service. They called the dealer and got back to me with the information that there was no leak and the engine heads cracked because I was "towing something". I would imagine that after someone buys a $36,000.00 truck they would tow something with it. I had kept a close eye on the heat gauge at all times and it never ran hot. My trailer is well under the 15,000lb tow rating. Their last remark was most telling. They said, "Chevy trucks are our responsibility only up to 100,000 miles". I don't think Chevy would sell many trucks if they had that on a sticker in the window. I know I would have never bought one. I asked to speak to the supervisor and they said they were the supervisor. I asked to speak to someone who could help me and they said there was nothing that could be done.

When I went to pick up the truck the next Monday the first thing I did was speak to the mechanic who worked on it. He informed me that the fuel injectors "were" leaking, as well as the sleeves, and that could have caused the heads to crack. Someone was NOT telling the truth. The total cost to replace the cracked heads was $5,379.00. We could not afford to get the injectors replaced. They hoped the cracked head repairs had solved the start problem. We left Michigan and drove 200 miles to St. Mary's Ohio. Once there we realized that the hard start problem was still present. We took the truck to a near by dealer. They found that the number eight-fuel injector was bad. We had to rent a car for two days. The dealer then gave us a loaner and we continued our show tour for the next week while the truck was fixed, again spending money on motels and dining out. We picked up our truck and had a $1,355.00 repair bill after spending $5,500.00 just the week before. The entire cost to us for all the repairs and travel was over $12,000.00. We don't have this kind of disposable income. The repairs have emptied our bank account.

At this point I hope you can understand my disappointment in my Chevy truck. No one spends $36,000.00 on a heavy-duty diesel and expects it to start falling apart after less than 150,000 miles. You pay extra money for a diesel to last over 300,000 miles. I owned a Ford Aerostar van and put over 270,000 miles on that gas engine before I sold it. I know how to take care of my vehicles; they are my lifelines to my job. No one expects to have to put that kind of money into his truck after less than three years, regardless of the miles.

I hope we can settle this issue in a professional manner. I don't expect to have to pay thousands of dollars to repair a poorly designed engine. I expect Chevy to stand behind their products, just like I do in my business.

The best solution to this problem, for both parties, would be to return our present truck for a new improved reliable truck to feature in our future productions and to work with you, not against you. If that is not possible then a reimbursement for our $7,000.00 repair bill is in order and a guarantee to keep the truck running in case the fuel injectors fail again in the near future.

The worst case would be for Chevy not to stand behind their product. If that happens I will not be able to promote Chevy to your prospective customers at my shows or in my DVD's. In fact I would have to put a disclaimer in my shows and on my DVD's saying that by using Chevy in my videos I am not promoting Chevy. At that point I would also have to tell the truth about my experiences with your truck. I'm in contact with hundreds of thousands of RV and truck buyers each year, and I plan to be in that position for a long time. I can influence their decisions to buy Chevy or not. Again I hope we can resolve this in a professional manner. I can guarantee you that Chevy will have no better friend in me or no worse enemy.

Business fact: One negative customer is much more influential than three positive ones.
My business is as influential as thousands of customers.
Thank you for your time.
John Holod


The month of July ended with a very disappointing phone call from Chevy. We had paid out over $8,000.00 in repair bills in the last few months. We also paid over $4,000.00 in out-of-RV expenses like rental cars, motel rooms, meals out, etc.. In addition to that we are weeks behind schedule on our shoot. As they held our truck hostage waiting for parts shipped via Cuba the dealer in Key West kept assuring us we would get "trip interruption" payments to take care of our rental car and RV park fees. The Customer Service (oxymoron) rep mentioned the same thing and spoke of "goodwill" reimbursement for all of our problems.

Chevy was having so many repair problems with the fuel injectors on the model I bought they had just extended the warranty to 200,000 miles instead of the usual 100,000 miles, so at least our new repairs would be covered. After months of working with Chevy Customer Service (oxymoron), spending hours on the phone and sending in several very tall trees worth of paperwork they called and told us that out of the $12,000.00 plus that we had spent on repairing their very poorly designed engine they would reimburse us $1,200.00. That was the exact cost for us having ONE (out of eight) fuel injectors replaced in Ohio. We would receive no "trip interruption" payments or "goodwill" (oxymoron) money back. We would have to pay the $5,500.00 to replace the engine heads after they had sent out a bulletin to their repairmen describing exactly what had happened to us when the coolant leaked into the engine due to the bad injectors and fried the heads.

Chevy paid us the least they could possibly get away with. A $36,000.00 truck should last more than three years no matter how many miles are put on it. You buy a diesel engine because it supposed to last 300,000 to 400,000 miles, not 100,000 miles. A Chevy rep told me that they are not responsible for their vehicles after 100,000 miles. Maybe Chevy should put a sticker on the window in the showroom that says that. The rep also reminded me that I was "towing" something with their truck. No kidding! If I didn't have to tow an RV I could have bought a very nice car. Is Chevy making trucks that they don't want you to tow something with? Are all those TV commercials showing a Chevy truck towing a large skyscraper lying? Maybe they should also put that on a sticker on the window in the showroom. It would say,"Caution: Towing Something With Your Chevy 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck Can Be Hazardous to Your Trucks Engine!"

I had explained to them that I speak to over 100,000 potential Chevy buyers each year, but that didn't help. Many see the Chevy in the video and ask me how I like it, so now I'll just have to tell them the truth. Let's see, if I can talk only 50 truck buyers a year out of buying a Chevy, with each truck costing about $40,000.00 that would cost them .............. Well, you do the math, but it's a lot of money! I know it would cost them more than the $12,000.00 they owe us! The worst part is that the truck is our lifeline for making movies, getting to shows, etc... Each day as we drive down the highway we hear every little noise our truck makes and hope it is not another problem that will take the rest of our savings, destroy our business, and our lives. LIKE A ROCK CHEVROLET. Oh yeah, sure!

John Holod  
2008 F250 SUPER-CAB 6.4 PSD 2WD 1999 F250 super-cab 7.3 PSD 2WD(sold)

DuraMadeMePoor DuraMadeMePoor
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/08
Posted: 05/13/08
12:50 PM

I have a 2004 Silverado 2500HD D/M with 136,000 miles and it's ironic that I came across this blog after paying a Chevy dealer over $3,100 to replace 3 injectors and the intermediate steering shaft.  I have the TSB that states the injectors are covered against failure for 7 years/200,000 miles "due to fuel injector body cracks, or ball seat erosion, or high pressure seal extrusion".  I was informed by the dealer that they were clogged beyond repair but didn't fall under this qualification for warranty.  I contacted Chevy customer care; Ron White (foreign accent - great for an American Company) called back and informed me that, 'Chevy considers this case closed and that no further action will be taken'.

I, like others, use my truck for business (motorcycle / atv delivery).  With the daily escalating price of fuel I can not afford a sudden, unexpected service bill of $3,100 ESPECIALLY ONE THAT CHEVY HAS A WARRANTY BULLETIN OUT ON.  In addition to this problem, Chevy has the following unaddressed problems:

1)  Intermediate Steering Shaft.  This wears out within 55k miles.  I'm on my third one and had the joy of paying for the last one out of pocket.  They have had complaints about this under-engineered part for over 5 years yet Chevy does nothing to fix it.

2)  Front Wheel Hubs (4 wheel drive).  These separate (don't you think this would be a safety concern).  According to internet postings they were pulled from NAPA and Auto Zone shelves by the manufacturer - Federal Mogul.  Guess who supplies them to Chevy?  Federal Mogul.  Mine went @ 63k miles and I was told by the dealer's service writer to, "avoid potholes".

I, like other bloggers, was a proud Chevy Silverado HD owner when I first bought this truck.  I was their best spokesman.  All of the customer surveys were filled out with glowing remarks.  4 1/2 years later I am their biggest naysayer.  Isn't it ironic that they stop sending you customer surveys when the truck begins to fall apart??

Up to the moment I paid $3,100 for the injector repairs I was a "Buy American" type of guy.  NO LONGER.  I have received the worst possible service from more than one authorized Chevy dealership and have experienced first hand that Chevy Customer Service is a misnomer.  I have baby'd my HD like it was my child.  I don't want something for nothing; I'm responsible for the maintenance and inevitable repairs that go along with owning this machine.  However, when there are known problems, Chevy needs to step up to the plate - THEY HAVEN'T (both on the corporate and dealership level).

I truly hope that Toyota comes out with a diesel Tundra with a towing capacity of 12k or more.  All of the loses the big three have received in their market share are directly attributed to the problems they refuse to address (by their making) and the shoddy customer service.  Let me know if there is a class action suit; I'm ready!  

nmlakerat nmlakerat
Enthusiast | Posts: 372 | Joined: 01/08
Posted: 05/13/08
01:16 PM

sue the chit out of them and look for a 5.9 less moving parts = dependability and a strait axle to boot. sorry for your problems i as well left chevy a few years ago due to simular problems.  my dodge has been fathfull and only had to take it in once and they treated me great. and the fuel mileage is much better. just my opinion  
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JMart JMart
New User | Posts: 19 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 05/13/08
02:37 PM

That blows.  I have had similiar problems with Chevy.  My brother is going through it right now with his 07 Ram 6.7.  After his 6th trip to the Dealer they quit helping him.  Then the 2nd gave up after 3 trips.  All he wants is a turbo that lasts 10k miles.  First 2 didnt.

In my line of business we come across various issues with cars that we think should have been recalled.  Its funny how we can get 5 people a day every day telling us the ignition cylinder on their Ford Focus locked up and Ford doesnt believe its a bad design.

Then again if automakers designed their cars to last there new car sales would suffer.  At least thats what they think.  
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Edward A. Sanchez Edward A. Sanchez
Administrator | Posts: 2112 | Joined: 07/06
Posted: 05/13/08
02:39 PM

That's a shame you guys have had such a bad experience with Chevrolet. Yeah, the LB7s had some issues, but by the sound of it, so did the LLYs. Even more than the technical problems was the way you guys were treated. That's pretty crappy. I mean, at least if they treated you right and reimbursed you fully for your out-of-pocket expenses, that would be one thing, but it sounds like you guys really got the shaft.  

NaughtyDodge04 NaughtyDodge04
New User | Posts: 16 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 05/13/08
08:11 PM

Sorry that you bought a chevy.
have a lawyer look into lemon laws and especially bad faith statute's for your states. luck to ya, gm is just a hollow shell of itself, had 5 80s 4 bys,its all about image now no substance, remeber bad faith statute's
also specific performance of the dealer/ warranty issues. luck to ya  

hoppflyer hoppflyer
New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 04/08
Posted: 05/14/08
05:13 AM

Well I fixed the problem with my 2003 duramax last night by disconnecting both batteries and forcing the computer to do a cold start. Imagine that.
 When I picked up my truck from the dearler after the injector change, I noted that the clock had the right time and the radio stations were still set correctly.  I challenged them on the fact that they had done the injector change without disconnecting the batteries and they said they had.  I also asked them if the computer had a learning mode and they told me NO.
 After I did the cold start on the computer I drove 10 miles west and watched the MPG hover around 22 MPG @ 65 MPH on the tirp out and back.
 I then went and hooked up my  5th wheel (35' Titanium) and pulled it 57 miles averaging 9.7 MPG.  We had a 30 MPH wind out of the north and the 30 of those miles were into the wind.
 I turned around and come back south with the wind and got 12.9 MPG for the next 30 miles.  Just like it used to do before the dealer changed the injectors.
 I guess I am not surprised by the ignorance of the GM dealers and technicians on this engine.  

DuraMadeMePoor DuraMadeMePoor
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 05/08
Posted: 06/03/08
02:57 PM

Well I returned my Wonderful, Handcrafted, American piece of "*&^" to the GM dealer on Memorial day.  Weeks ago I got her back with 3 injectors replaced (of course GM wouldn't cover it) I found that no one performed an oil change.  Imagine that, a dealer doesn't have enough sense to say, 'you're down to 30% oil life and likely have diesel in the crankcase; would you like us to perform an oil change while she's here'?

I took it to an independent and had the service performed along with a fuel filter replacement.  I continued smelling unspent diesel inside the truck.  I took it back to the GM dealer.  A day later they call me back with, "Pick her up, we can't find anything wrong'.  Another week goes by and now the oil pressure is down in the red zone after the truck warms up, the smell is still there and the engine is beginning to shake at idle.  I BRING IT BACK TO THE GM DEALERSHIP -- AGAIN (Memorial Day)!  Two days later they call me back and tell me they can't find anything wrong with her, 'pick it up'.

I have been beyond patient up to this point.  I go in and talk with Mayor McCheese (you know, the guy that runs McDonald Land).  I bring him up to speed on what has occurred.  I inform him that I use the pickup for work; it is my sole source of income.  I state, "I don't trust this truck for an out of state delivery".  He is understanding and says they'll thoroughly check her out.  This is on Wednesday (2 days after Memorial Day).  Friday night the service writer calls and informs me that there are injectors leaking fuel and the service manager will call me Monday morning.

Monday morning I receive a call from Mayor McCheese.  "Generous Motors is replacing all 8 injectors free of charge.  Your fuel rail is functional but corroded.  You should replace this; $1200 and I'm not charging for the labor".  After pointing out the $3,200 I just spent with his dealership I finally give the O.K. for the fuel rail.  He says the part will be ordered and I should be able to pick up my truck on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night (5pm) I call the dealership.  My truck is not ready, "my" service writer left early and I'll "probably" get it back tomorrow.  I think I've been pretty patient and understanding up to this point.  Honestly I'm coming close to going Postal Mad .  I have had it with the dealers and the manufacturer.  I plan on wearing the wheels out on this truck (500,000 miles?) and then jumping into an import.  From the government to big business, this country is a mess (I live near Detroit, I see it first hand).

Does anyone know the retail price of a fuel rail?  $1,200 just seems a little high for tube.  More to come......  

E2theRock2 E2theRock2
Guru | Posts: 1625 | Joined: 01/08
Posted: 06/04/08
08:54 AM

As a GM diesel tech I feel horrible that you have gone thru this kind of torture, because this is not how I would like to be represented in my work. Even tho i have not worked on your guys trucks (to my knowledge) I feel that it would be my responsibilty to get them in proper running order and keep them that way to retain your business with us and keep you a life long customer and good represenative of the company. I read all this last night and decided that it would be best to show this to my service manager in the morning so he could see how not to treat customers because that is his job, my job is to work on the trucks when they come in and fix them to the best of my ability. I showed him as soon as i got to work today and he was in shock as he finished reading the last post and told me that he felt that he had lost three customers for life and that it was money lost and a bad stain on our reputation. I was informed that each dealer acts on their own as a "seperate" business from GM so to speak and that in all technicalities GM is not responsible for the bad business that you have recieved from the dealer. I dont understand this either. I understand your anger, frustration, heartache and disapointment in GM because I have been there. I havent had near the injector probelms that you have had but instead transmission problems that are supposed to be covered to 100,000 miles. Apparently not so.

In August 2006 I purchased a brand new Chevy Duramax pickup and was told by the service rep at the dealer not to tow anything for 2000 miles because that was the break in period and that the truck need that time to learn my driving habits. During that time period I was very easy on the truck which is hard for a 17 year old, and i recorded the mpg as well as combed over the truck everyday after school when i got home. Now living on a ranch, I tow trailers, heavy trailers, almost everyday and not being able to tow for 2000  miles put me out of work for almost two months therefore losing a substantial amount of money. Out at the ranch we do various things like haul piping for water lines, haul logs, cow etc, and the trailers can wiegh in from either 5000 lbs at the lightest to 26,000lbs at the heaviest. After i started towing at 2500 miles i noticed the trans started slipping and wouldnt shift as smoothly as it once did. I took it in (there are no mods done to the truck at this time) and they said that the trans needed to be programmed and that it was covered under warrenty. Fine. After that i used the truck somemore and in December 2006 it wouldnt shift into 5th or 6th gear which was killing my highway mileage. So i took it in for the second time and they told me the trans was being replaced under warrenty. I couldnt believe that i bought a truck and put 7500 miles on it and the trans had already blown up. I didnt think that i was being hard on the truck, i was using it for what it was made for. After the truck sat at the dealer for 2 weeks i was able to pick up the truck and now it had rough shifts and wouldnt hold a steady idle and i was starting to lose my patience with it because i was losing money because i could not work. The truck went in again and they addressed the problem, called me a day later and told me to pick up the truck. Two months later I was towing a 12,000 pound trailer downt the interstate when the input shaft shattered on the six speed Allison making me almost lose control of the truck and cause what could have been a huge wreck. The trans had never gotten hot during this failure. Now out of work again i had to have the truck towed to the dealer for its second transmission and after two weeks i had the truck back and was able to start work again. This transmission lasted six weeks before it gernaded, and I wasnt even towing anything, it just blew up driving down the street. I took the truck in and after three weeks i was now on transmission four and the service advisor told me to invest in aftermarket parts for the the truck to increase line pressure to the trans and to help protect it. I did that and the the four trans lasted me until feburary 2008. In between May of 2007 and feb 2008 i did have all eight injectors replaced because i got a bad tank of fuel which caused them to go bad and i almost blew up the entire truck. That was covered. I also had other things replaced that were non powertrain like the right front window regulator and they almost didnt cover that because i had tinted the windows. In late January of 2008 the trans started slipping again and with each drive it steadily got worse. I started looking around at new trucks and talking to my friends who owned Cummins trucks with the auto and the manual. In early Feburary the trans was nearly locked up after having to tow a 14,000lbs trailer and i took it to the dealer and after three hours arguing with the service manager and the dealer manager I finally got the trans replaced under warrenty because i was told by one of the service writers to add aftermarket parts to my truck. I was royally pissed and vowed to myself that i would never own a GM product and told them i was trading my Duramax on a 2006 Cummins auto they had on the lot. After that was all said and done and my cousin purchased the Duramax as a back and forth to work truck (thats about all it was good for) I towed and towed with my Cummins and had the trans slip only once and i even towed heavier loads then the Duramax. The Cummins is now heavily modified and i bought the Duramax back and then sold it again this time to my little brother. The truck now has and after market trans and the truck still has a rough idle on cold mornings. I see first hand what goes on at in the mechanic shop of a GM dealership and I can tell you that our shop it alot better than most. I hope that you guys have better luck in the future and if you never by a Chevy truck i can understand. I buy Dodges now and i wont even consider a Chevy. My dad owns an 08 LMM and after his locked in year in it he is gettin rid of it and getting a Cummins. GM needs to get their act together and figure out how to treat customers better and how to build a better lasting product. And fuel rails at this dealer run $900 bucks with out labor and $1200 with labor, so i think that service rep is lying to you. Sorry again for the bad expirences and i know that no matter how much i say that i am sorry that it will never set things straight and return you the money you have lost. If you have anymore questions or concerns please private messege me or post it here and I will help you out in the best way that i can.

2011 Chevy Silverado 3500 cc/sb all stock H4 package.
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keithpapa keithpapa
User | Posts: 133 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 06/05/08
01:36 PM

I feel REAL bad about you exper. too. It really sucks that the dealership and cust.service is out only for money and not making the cust satisfied like they NEED to be doing.
My dad has an 05 Dmax and had problem w/inj clogging and got them replaced the first time and it happened again about 20k miles later and we had to fight w/service to get them replaced under warr. even after they said that there was a 200k warr after the first set got replaced...then the trans went out and had that replaced under warranty.
Now seeing how I also worked for the parts dept giving all the techs parts at the dealership in missoula mt.I was given the run around too...cause after the 2nd set of injs. the dmax was making a ticking noise at idle and louder ticking under loads.Now Im no mechanic but I do know what a inj tick sounds like and I pinned it down to the back cyl. w/my ear and tild them where to look and the retarded service dept. said they couldnt hear anything and scanned it and said nothing was wrong...bullschit! I gave my dads pup to the dmax tech in the shop and I said to LISTEN to it and he said there was a tiny tick that could be heard. turned out the back two inj wer clogged. damn service anyways!
Well now all is good for now and my dad still tow w/it but not heavy anymore as he cant afford a new truck,just tows two sleds or a four wheeler.

Needless to say I got tired of seein customers get the runaround and being treated like schit and even me not being treated well, so I left and now am happier but these terrible stories of a company I worked for are turning my stomach!

Once again sorry to hear you bad juju!  

WalkersDiesel WalkersDiesel
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 03/19/09
11:18 PM

i have a 03 duramax 1 Ton dually  have had to do the injectors on it at 73000 and now at 133000 it started smoking at idle so i brought it to papiks in luverne MN  and came out of there with a 82 dollar wash job and told me they were dirty and that there is no warranty for dirty injectors just broken ones are covered up to 200000. called over to dakota diesel in Souix falls to check on new ones and they refered me to billion chevy, brought it over the next day and they installed 7 of the 8 free of charge.  NEVER GO TO PAPIKS IN LUVERNE THEY SUCK!  

Redhawk1962 Redhawk1962
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/15/09
04:24 PM

Has anything come of this suit? I have a 2001 Duramax that I am not real happy with right now, more so not happy with Chevy and there answer. I found out about the injector problem back in 07, lost power while towing, took it to a dealer, coded out, a small and large fuel leak. In 08 I finally got the money together because they claimed it to be the fuel pressure reg.( at the tune of $800.00, which may not be alot to some, but is to me). The injectors were"ok" after this repair, at this time I still fell in the "special warrnty". Now I was towing again and coded again, large fuel leak. Now I'm being told it's the injectors, just out by a few months for the "special warrnty". Dealer said contact Chevy, they truned around and called the dealer to see if this is something they wanted to help with, they said no, so no it is. What's wrong with this picture?? I drive school bus I don't make tons of money, can't afford this BS, with fuel prices the way they are, I couldn't give this truck away. The loads I haul are not even close to being to much for this truck according to the specs. I use this truck to make a living when not driving bus. I need to know what else I can do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  

carleenp carleenp
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/22/09
09:33 AM

I have a 2006 3500 Duramax, only has 28,600 miles. Having problems with loosing power, check engine light comes on. Dealer said bad fuel, how can it be when 4 fuel filters have been replaced and 4 full tanks of fuel have been run through (from differnt stations) I can't go further than 30 miles and the light comes one, the motor looses power, have to manually pump up the fuel. Could this be the fuel pump? Dealer say's no. How many more filters do I have to keep adding?, before they will look at anything other than a bad tank of fuel???  

tbilotti tbilotti
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Posted: 07/19/09
12:25 AM

I think a class action law suit is a great idea.  I have a 92 duramax in a silvarado 3500 and had to have all 8 injectors replaced at 75,000 miles, which GM did under a warranty.  Then I had to have them all replaced again at 110,000 because of leaking.  I think something is wrong with the engineering of that engine that causes injectors to be replaced every 35,000 miles.  I had to pay $4,700 to replace the injectors the second and would be happy to join in a class action lawsuit to get reimbursed and have the problem fixed going forward.  

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