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User | Posts: 75 | Joined: 11/08
Posted: 11/22/08
10:26 AM

I'm sure there are posts out there but all I have been able to find are tips and tricks for the newer, computer controlled vehicles (sorry I'm new to the site and still learning my way around).  I have a p-pumped 12 valve that I swapped into my 95 F-350.  It has 4:10 gears and the ford manual 5-speed.  I have installed an intake, exhaust, fuel plate, injectors, turned the star wheel and installed a governer kit.  Other than driving with a lighter foot and re-gearing the pickup, is there something I can do to boost my average mileage from around 15mpg up to the low to mid 20's that other cummins vehicles are seeing?  
95' F-350 with a 98' Cummins 12V in it, #6 Fuel Plate, SDX 5X14 Injectors, 3k Governer Kit, South Bend Clutch, Custom AFE intake, 4" custom exhaust and i really need to add more so I have more to list!!!!

red_96 red_96
User | Posts: 226 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 11/22/08
11:48 AM

My 96 Cummins Ram has 3.54 gears and a #8 TST fuel plate.
i would change the gears to 3.54. and you will see instant mpg increase. other than that
i run LT 265-75-16 E these tires are made to run 80 psi.
and i put 80 psi in them
i get 20-26 mpg.  

BadAss92Ford BadAss92Ford
New User | Posts: 22 | Joined: 09/08
Posted: 11/22/08
07:19 PM

My 97 Cummins gets 17-20 mpg depending on the weather and how i drive it and its bone stock and i'm running 285/70/17 mud tires on it. another thing is(in my book it is) correct me if i'm wrong but some places where you buy fuel at you're mileage will differ. in my case i buy fuel from a little mom and pop store and get 17-20 mpg with their fuel and if i run valero and royal farms fuel i'm down to 10-13 mpg and thats drivin like grandpa. so shop around and find out what brew your truck likes